ATTENTION: For Those who are serious about taking their income to the next level...
Discover a process of selling without selling.
Integrate NLP and psychology into Your sales process and Get better Results!
Five-Part WebClass that 
will change your business forever!
Traditional sales courses focus on scripts and tricks that produce inconsistent results. During this WebClass, I will teach you process to easily customize every sales conversation to the prospect you are working with. Many people have heard that 80% of your business comes from a select 20% of the people...but we keep focusing on that 80% that only brings in 20%. In addition to learning how to customize your presentation, you will learn on to get through the 80% quickly and effectively so you can focus your efforts on the 20% who are likely to do business with you. 

People are not goldfish that you want to lure in with some tempting offer and hook with a well scripted pitch. People are unique and value being heard, being seen and being understood. Apply what you learn in this course and not only can you triple your business, but you will never have to "sell" anyone ever again.
Sales Magic 2.0 5-Module
 WebClass ($299)
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What People Are Saying:
We've had similar trainings before, but Alex has a way of putting it all together so it makes sense and we could apply what we learned immediately.
-Elena Caterina, MD
This training and completely changed the way our team does sales. We shifted from focusing on the sale to focusing on our customers and our sales have tripled. Thanks Alex.
- Shomar Escamillo, CA
I hated selling. The idea made me sick. After taking this class and understanding a new model of sales (sales is a service) it has helped me focus on my business and create an income to provide for my family.
- Tracy Mueller, MO
This webclass series is available when you are. Each week, you will receive access to a new module and suggestions on how to implement what you learn. You will be able to watch the videos on your own time and as often as you'd like. In addition, you will have access to weekly Q&A sessions with trainer Alex Aanderud to help you implement what you learn.
Over Five Modules, You Will Learn To:
  •  Discover how your prospects think
  •  Build deep levels of trust in minutes
  •  Stop wasting time with people not likely to do business with you
  •  Maintain rapport throughout the sales process
  •  Discover prospects motivation and use it
  •  Utilize emotion and language to get your prospects to a decision
  •  Discern 'REALITY' from 'PERCEPTION'
  •  Step into your prospects world
  •  Sell without selling or appearing 'salesy'
  • Never struggle with what to say or how to say it
  •  Engage your prospects in a way they want so they feel heard and understood
  •  Increase your conversion rate, income and bottom line!
Transform yourself...
Find your power...
Leave a legacy...
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